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With the linux text-based studio project I intend to create - as you might say - "yet another linux audio guide". In a way that is true. I'd like to explain, how to use linux as a fully-fledged sound-studio. But - and that might be the small difference - my focus is on the linux console (textmode).

This guide is inteded for blind, tuxish musicians and all others, who simply liek the console. The descriptions will sometimes be accompanied with music of my own as a kind of practical demonstration.

What is my musical genre? - It's a diverse field, but there is one genre I wish to exculde for purposes of this project: "typical computer composition". Mainly I want to focus on pop, rock, classic, metal and synth-music. As the name of this project states, I will deal with studio recordings, not so much with big live recordings.

One last note: This project is reachable by ltsb.sf.net, this is a mistake on my site. I mixed up the letters. But anyway, to me it looks more esthetic. :-)


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Good news: a few german radio plays will be enriched by purely linux-made music! Stay tuned for titles... :-)
Added: page about usability and accessibility issues
Changed: usability scheme to use CSS - Please let Updated: the link page
Added: releases to the audio-examples package. Now online: lac2004 and regular Version 0.1. Also added new information on the audio examples page.
Changed: The about me page, it was just too confused.
Added: a page: "About me&qout;, worked some more on ecasound (chapter 3) - this has happened since the last update notice here.
Added: A page for thanks and a Wiki glossary at alsa.opensrc.org?LtsbGlossary Thanks to Mark Constable and a first release of bug.sh my script to render these sites (many thanks to Jeronimo Sarioglou, who did the most work!)
Added: still empty glossary - to expand in future
Finished: chapter 2
Updated: table of contents and some broken links
Added: chapter 2 (partially), news section, table of contents - My first ever entry here :-)
Added: chapter 1, "Why and how"
Updated: links