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Why this page and this topic?

You may ask: Why had he chosen this topic? Aren't there enough studio guides? Aren't there enough linux-sound pages? Isn't there enough material for linux sound applications? My answer would be: There can never be enough! :-) - I wanted to explain how I am working. I wanted to show, that it is possible to create good music of all kinds under linux. To really demonstrate that this is true, I will upload some music of my own shortly and explain my ways of working. My ways of working aren't exactly the best or fastest - there are faster and perhaps better ways even in textmode. But my ways result in the right thing!

To explain my motivation a bit further I should mention, that I am blind and so bound to work in textmode. Once I tried a bit of windows, because I had to. But I was quickly disillusioned. So one day my brother "confronted" me with linux. After a while I was thrilled! A blind person, for those who don't know it, can work with a braille display. This is a device connected to a computer via the serial port or USB. It usually shows 40 or 80 characters of the screen. You have a few buttons to move your "visible part" of the screen. So a textbased application is the most useful one for a blind person. It is line-oriented, like the braille display itself.

Last but not least I wanna tell you how this is done. I only do that, because the way it works at the moment is interesting. It's not very beautiful, but interesting nonetheless. I write a body of a page and in one directory I've stored some generic parts like head, upper menu and footer. When I'm finished, with my creation for a day, there is a small shellscript called "bug.sh", which renders the site. The script was written by a friend of mine, Jeronimo. Sometimes he has funny ideas of working. :-) Thanks Momo!
Why is the script called bug.sh? Yes, that is a funny story. To explain it all, I must tell you , that I'm from Germany. In german there is the word "backen" (pronounced like bucken). It means "to bake". So we said: "let's bake the site". So the script was renamed from test.sh to it's final name "bug.sh". :-)

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