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Audio examples

At last! At long, long last! Here we go. Here are my first examples. Get them from the download section.

NOTE: I only upload ogg-files, for they are smaller than the original wave-files. But if you are interested in them, I can either upload them to your computer, if you are online, or ask a friend of mine, if he could host them for a while or if even that fails, I could mail them to you. For the last possibility I would need you to pay my expenses.

NOTE2: I don't have all the original tracks from the recording sessions, for they even ate up too much of my hard drive. But if possible at all, also these would be available at your wish.

Kindest regards

release lac2004

Files included:
bridge-13.tar.bz2, bridge-14.tar.bz2 and bridge-15.tar.bz2
The files contain:
"Tale of machine and men", a piece I composed and recorded for the "Linux Audio Conference 2004", which took place in ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany. It was publicly performed there. My intention was to show, what my linux-system - textbased as it is - can perform. Yet still I got a few mistakes there. Besides some mistakes in my playing, I used the multiband equalizer (LADSPA unique ID: 1197) wrongly. On a big speaker system it sounds a bit muffled. Yet still they demonstrate, what I could do with my system at that time. So you may take them as evicence of my statement: "You can create fine music with only a console!"

release 0.1

Files included:
The files contain:
"Fugue No. 6 in D-minor" This is the fugue number 6 in d-minor from J. S. Bach's "Well-tempered Clavier Book I", played on a synthesizer. Again you can hear my favourite blunder: Too much EQ. I didn't use much EQ, but in the lower bands I raised the volumes very high. So if I play below a certain key, you can notice a nasty effect. Apart from that it's a simple recording. It's only one track, even played without a metronome. I only added some reverb (and delay - I think) and the damned EQ.

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