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Issues of usability & accessability

this page is dedicated to the ways, I tried to use, to make this whole project accessible for everyone out there.

Table of contents

  1. General info about what you need and what you don't need
  2. For blind people using braille displays
  3. For blind people using speech-synthesizers
  4. For those, who can't distinguish colours
  5. Concerning different browsers
  6. For the whole rest of the world

General info about what you need and what you don't need

The whole project is realised using html (hopefully completely html4.0 compliant) and a bit of CSS, which is not necessary to view this page correctly and understand its structure.

For blind people using braille displays

I myself use a braille display. I run on linux using lynx. It works perfectly for me. No graphics, flow-text or the likes. No javascript either. Isn't this swell? :-)

for blind people using speech-synthesizers

I just recently used CSS to enhance this project for speech synthesizers. Please let me know if it worked correctly. A hint to test, if you get any effect at all: Links should be read louder than the rest.

For those, who can't distinguish colours

I only use:

I hope, that this doesn't get you in trouble. But what I understand of this is: That one should perceive a kind of grey, where there is another colour than white or black. Am I completely wrong?

Concerning different browsers

the CSS I used should work with any newer browser. Although I heard, that netscape up to version 6 still had some problems. Also in some earlier versions of netscape you couldn't benefit from CSS, if your javascript was disabled. For viewing this project you can safely enable it, there's no Javascript at all.

For lynx users: I don't think, that lynx supports any CSS. But that shouldn't matter at all. I'm fine with it.

For all other browsers and people with other disabilities: There SHOULD be no barrier at all. No moving objects to click on, no graphics, no background sound you need to rely on.

For the rest

If you are impaired in no way, you still should be able to view this page perfectly. :-) It is in any case just reading material and a few examples. Nothing much by the means of layout was intended.

I hope you all can enjoy this project without any great losses!

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