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Paragraphs, that are titled like this, tend to be pretty egocentric. This one will make... _NO_ difference. :-) So here we go

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Facts and figures - so to speak

The dry and boring stuff first...

Julien Claassen
Year of birth:
Paderborn, Germany
Student of computer science and electro techniques

My brother got me started on Linux in 2000. I arrived from good, old - but boring - dos in the fantastic world of Linux. There are quickly started looking for soundtools. A year later I did a first - very bad - recording. Yet it was done. My first audio recording, not using a tape-recorder. :-) Then, in August of 2003, I started out with my new soundcard. Now I've got a system up to the task and I'm still learning, which mistakes to avoid. :-)

My hobbies

Of course I love my computer, or better I love the operating system driving it. I'm very fond of my Linux and I've come to love the community. So this is not only a guide to linux and sound in a textbased environment, it is also my contribution to the community. It isn't much, ytet if it helps someone, it is something.

Besides that I love my music. I've played the piano - or keyboard - since 1992. In addition I can play a few tunes on soprano and alto recorder (Blockflöte). At the moment I'm into Johann Sebastian Bach. This "moment" now stretches for almost 6 years.

Apart from that I enjoy listening to audiobooks and radio plays. My brother and me, we have a fine collection of them, I think around 2000 tapes with german radio plays and a few hundred english audiobooks and radio plays. - I hate reading myself, my fingers get cold and it's to slow. That's one of the few mean things about being blind, in my opinion. There are others, who can read betten than me... :-)

Ignoring my listening to a lot of music, that's it. Yet it consumes enough time.

About the music I love and the music I do

Very often those two are very, very similar. So you might think, that I'm narcissistic and - who knows - perhaps you're right. The music I love has great influence on me. I have phases where I listen to only one kind of music and then I might get into a different zone of music. Sometimes they get mixed up. So I might end up with a piece originally influecned by some art rock band, but in the end driven by some metal-beat. I've head, that if you know the music I love, you can find it's influences clearly. So here follows a list of my favourite bands. I don't get any shares from them... :-) I simply love them and would like to share my love and enthusiasm.

Art rock

Metal (melodic)



I think I could add some more here, but that's it, in general. Amongst those you would find my best friends... :-)

Don't judge it by the looks!
Yours cincerely Tux :-)

Julien Claassen

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