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1. What you need to start

In this chapter I'll tell you about the software, which is a basis for my studio at home. There may be small variants, but in general you'd need those pieces of software, too. I'm not handing out installing instructions, because that would be beyond the reach of this project.

Table of contents

1.1 General installation steps

>In general - meaning: if there are no problems - to install a program is a simple task. Almost all modern programs follow a simple procedure:

  1. Download the source-code (usually in a tar.gz or tar.bz2 file)
  2. Unpack the file (with tar zxvf FILE.tar.gz
    tar jxvf FILE.tar.bz2)
  3. Change to the newly created directory (with cd DIR)
  4. Read the README and INSTALL file(s) (optional)
  5. Run the configure script to figure out options, that you want (./configure --help | less)
  6. Run the configure script with the options you like (usually I have the ./configure --help | less on one console and type in the ./configure command with its options on a second.So I can read and directly type in the options I need)
  7. Run make (I always use gmake on my linux system)
  8. Run make install (or gmake install respectively)
  9. If there was no problem, you're ready to go!

1.2 The absolute basis - I wanna get some sound out of this

You'd need:

Now you should be able to play a simple wav-file with the command:
aplay test.wav (or something like that) - If you ran into troubles on the other hand, you should read some material on the ALSA website or subscribe to the alsa mailing list, find the link at Dave's page In the toc-frame there is a table of contents. Somewhere you'll find links to mailinglists and newsgroups.

1.3 Useful libraries - I wanna have nice and cozy

A lot of the bigger apps like Ecasound use a good deal of libraries in the background. I will try to list those libraries, which will most certainly come in handy.

library list

Links to all software listed can be found at my links' collection

1.4 Intermediate apps - players/encoders/decoders

The software listed here is sometimes used by ecasound or other software. For example mpg321 is a simple tool to use in your recording ap, if you don't wanna add internal mp3-support. It's easy to pipe simple raw sound data to stdout and read it with your program. So here they go:

That is all I can think of now. If I remember anything else, I'll update this list, so take an occasional glance!

1.5 Recording software - I wanna get working

Now, that you've hpoefully installed all the basics and libraries you need, we can progress to the software you'd be using in a textbased studio. Let's make it simple: Here's the list:

N.B.: You should install the software in the order given. That means, that you should first install the basis, then the libraries and then the user-software. Please keep it in mind and don't blame me, if you don't proceed that way! :-)

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